Mine, Raise, and Trade the sentient Crystals!
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What is CryptoCrystal?


World's 1st sentient Mineral.

CryptoCrystal are sentient Shiny Crystals that have personalities similar to human while being overly cute like pet animals.
Each of them is unique being in the Ethereum, with no duplicated DNA structure.

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How to play CryptoCrystal

Howto mainbg01


Use Pickaxe to mine them up!
100 Types of cuddly Crystals are waiting for you.

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The Crystals can be synthesized
to become much Larger.

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No enough time to mine? Do you want to make the Crystal larger?
Wanted to discard unwanted Crystals?
Let's trade them then!

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PKX Present Campaign

PKX are tokens that are required for mining Crystals.
The 1st 3,000 Players who registered will received 5PKX worth 0.025ETH.
30,000 more Players will received 2pkx worth 0.01ETH.
In the following form, Please fill in the Email address and Wallet address that is compatible with Ethereum ERC20 (such as MEW).

Big thanks to all the pre-registrant!

Our pre-registration has been reached 50K people in just three days!
We do appreciate your support very much. This achievement wouldn’t be possible without you all!
Our pre-registration is now closed and we are preparing for launching the service! Please be patient with us. We will do our best to make this great!

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Introducing CryptoCrystal

Crystal gold


Here be Gold, Kings of all Noble metals. They are stretchable, become heat and electricity transistors, and can prevent oxygen infiltration. In the real world, they are the symbol of Wealth & Power, and are often raised as pets by the riches.

Crystal alexandrite


Also known as the [God's mischief]. She is a mysterious Gem that shine with different color by day and night like magic.

Crystal iron


Due to being affordable, easy to manifacture, and is abundant in reserves, they are ores that has the most practical value known to man. We could say thay our modern day society are supported by them.

Crystal rockcrystal


Highly translucent stones used since ancient times all over the world in prayers and as sacred symbol of protection.